Day 4 of Drinkmas: Coquito

I have to be honest. I hate Egg Nog. Just the thought of it gives me a visceral reaction. It’s the Miracle Whip of cocktails. But I love all things coconut.  So when I found out there was a Puerto Rican version of this holiday classic I had to check it out myself. I searched […]

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Day 3 of Drinkmas: Mulled Wine

So a few years back while celebrating a friend’s birthday just after Thanksgiving in the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York, I discovered sex in a wine glass. I do not recall the specific winery/vineyard that we toured, but I do recall them brewing beer on the same grounds. My group of girlfriends gathered […]

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7 Days of Drinkmas

We are 7 days away from the Merriest holiday of the year.  DeeAsia and SoSo would like to add a little holliday cheer to your season by giving you some drinks to make these cool days boozy and bright.  Stay tuned over the next week as we bring you some familiar and unfamiliar options that […]

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The Baddest, Booziest Baby 👶🏼

This week has been one for the record books. The Bad and Boozy Podcast made its debut on The CSPN (Cold Slither Podcast Network’), a collective of different podcasts under one feed with the goal of providing entertainment, information, interviews and variety to listeners worldwide. The immediate feedback from listeners has been overwhelmingly exciting. The interaction online with […]

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Holiday Cheers

The first snow of the year here in Washington, DC got me officially into the holiday spirit. As I waited for news of my niece’s arrival into the world, I decided to cue up the SiriusXM Holiday Soul Channel, pull up a fake fire place on my TV screen, warm up my tobacco pipe candle […]

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