Bad & Boozy Podcast 

Bad & Boozy Podcast is hosted by SoSoLovely and DeeAsia Ali.  Join them  weekly as they discuss wine, life, and other likka related shenanigans.


SoSoLovely (SoSo) is a 30-something mom of two who loves God, wine, trap music, and cussing.  She’s a California girl who hates cold weather, unmoisturized beards, ashy lips, and Taylor Swift.  A connoisseur of big words and white wine who you can find spitting hot fire on Twitter: @fabfreshandfly

DeeAsia Ali

DeeAsia Ali (Dee) is an avid runner and wine enthusiast in the DMV who enjoys merging her health & fitness goals with her passion for wine. She’s a motherless daughter living her best single auntie life, making her late mama proud. Dee is confident, fiery, bold, spontaneous and independent. Catch her in these streets tasting wine, lacing up her running shoes, and being an amazing auntie. Follow her on Twitter: @BrainsNBuns