Feature Friday: Marcia Erica

It’s been quite an emotional week but we are back to lighten the mood up with #FeatureFriday. This is the day where we highlight someone in the industry with the goal of making wine more approachable to all and showcase the person behind the brand. This week, for our third feature, we are highlighting Marcia Erica, the face behind the brand Bourbon n Bubbles. Scroll down to get to know a little more about her.

Name: Marcia Erica

IG Username: @Bubbles_n_Bourbon

Favorite Food and Wine Pairing: Fried chicken tacos and Cava

How were you introduced to wine? It was a requirement to expand our wine knowledge as manager. Prior to me taking classes, I had no clue what wine really was! 

What wine would you recommend to a friend who is interested in wine? For a white I enjoyed Alveda Vinho Verde as an intro to white. A red, J Lohr, Pinot NoirWhat’s a random wine fact that you can pull out at a party? All grapes start off green and its the skin contact that makes the color. 

What tasting note would you use to describe yourself? I would describe myself, as a sparkling red. Bubbly, with velvety chocolate notes. And enough alcohol to get the party started!

Finish this sentence: The best wine…can make any experience unforgettable.

Want to be featured? Email us at badandboozypodcast@gmail.com for consideration.

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