A Year of Opulence


January marks the beginning of a new month, a new year, and (depending on who you ask) a new decade.  This is the time of year where folks set their intentions, make resolutions, create visionboards, and declare a theme for the year.

We here at the Bad and Boozy Podcast have declared that this year will be a year of Opulence.  Opulence has many meanings but our focus is on that of Affluence, Abundance and Plenty. We believe that this year will provide much in the way of your wine drinking experience in addition to your personal life.  Here are three ways in which you can bring Opulence into your everyday wine drinking experience.

Upgrade Your Stemware


If you’re drinking your vino in Dollar Tree’s finest stemware or red Solo cups it just might be time for an upgrade. Upgrading your stemware not only helps to change the aesthetic, it helps to enhance your overall tasting experience. Invest in a set of flutes for bubbly, a set of stemless glasses for red wine, and a set of white wine glasses for those Viongiers or Chenin Blancs. There are plenty of options available regardless of price range. Places like Home Goods, T.J. Maxx, and Amazon carry great glasses for good deal. Brands such as Waterford, Riedel, and Libbey can be found for a fraction of the price.

Increase Your Budget


Let’s be real. Opulence costs money. You don’t necessarily have to break the bank to find a great bottle of wine but you can’t really taste splendor in Two Buck Chuck. Increasing your wine budget by as little as $5 dollars can make a tremendous  difference in your tasting experience. If your normal finds are in the $10 to $15 range, try looking for something in the $20 to $25-dollar range.  Opening up your budget opens you to varietals and regions that are not usually available in lower price ranges. Increasing your budget allows you the ability to expand your palate and expose yourself to new tasting notes.

Explore New Regions


In the world of wine, you don’t need a passport to take a flight to another country. One of the best ways to explore new regions is to find a wine you like that is produced in a different country.  A fan of Germany Riesling?  Try one produced in Luxembourg. Australian Shiraz is your jam? Try a Syrah from Uruguay.  Adore French Carménère? Try a Chilean offering.

Another way to explore new regions is to try the wine in your own backyard.  Well made wines can be found in a variety of winemakers here in the United States, not just the ones located in Napa Valley. Try wines from New York’s Finger Lakes region, Oregon’s Willamette Valley, or meet someone in Temecula and explore the vineyards there.

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