Getting Back to the Wine

As many of you know, I was affect by the recent government shutdown. I was furloughed for a whole 35 days. Being home and being able to drink without consequence sounded good in the initial two weeks of the shutdown. Then once it was apparent that I didn’t know when my next paycheck would be, I had to budget the fund accordingly. How dare 45 have an impact on my liquor consumption? What if I want new beer or wine to review for my podcast? Just rude. I was overall annoyed, but there was a bright light in all of this. I had a New Year’s Eve party and my friend brought likka and left bottles (a few not in the fridge or the wine rack pictured below).

This held me over as the year started and I was trying to make responsible choices with my money. Suddenly alcohol was essential anymore, not to mention it doesn’t lead to the healthiest food choices. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Anyway, I’m just here to reflect on how the government shutdown forced me to limit my alcohol purchases and I ain’t like it one bit. I like to drink, but most importantly like I to explore and the world through wine and craft beer and for a short time I was unable to do so. But guess what?

I’m back, bitches!!! Click here to check out my review of the first bottle of wine of I purchased once i got my job back and that good ole back pay.

Cheers to many more purchases in the coming weeks!!!


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