Black and Boozy

The month of February is Black History month. We ladies of the Bad and Boozy Podcast would be remiss to letting the month go by without acknowledging some of the black owned brands in the wine, beer, and spirits business. Familiarize yourself with these brands and be on the lookout for them on your next trip to your local wine shop or liquor store.


Maison Noire Wines

Maison Noir is a two-fold lifestyle project producing both a T-Shirt line and Oregon wines. Founded by sommelier André Hueston Mack in 2007, both ends of Maison Noir incorporate a trademark attitude and personal perspective on wine subculture. The wines are unique and distinctive garage wines, initially created for some of the New York’s best restaurants for whom Mack was a sommelier and now available nationwide. Maison Noir apparel is inspired by WINE LIFESTYLE/STREET CULTURE of skateboarding, punk, and hip-hop cultures. The design is also reminiscent of independent skateboard company apparel of the 1990s.

Brown Estate

In 1980 our parents purchased an abandoned ranch in the eastern hills of the Napa Valley. They rehabilitated the crumbling homestead and planted viniferous grapes — which for a decade we farmed and sold to local winemakers. In 1995 we kids got the notion to make our own wine…

We established the Brown Estate label officially in 1996 when we harvested what would become our first bottling of Brown Zin. In January 2000 we debuted our first three vintages at the annual ZAP (Zinfandel Advocates & Producers) Grand Tasting in San Francisco. Fast forward to September 2016… when we bottled our 20th vintage!

In the meantime our business has grown, slowly but surely, as our brand has gained broader and broader exposure to an extraordinarily diverse audience thanks primarily to word of mouth. To make our wines and hospitality experience more accessible, in April 2017 we debuted our Brown Downtown location on the re-emerging First Street corridor in the heart of downtown Napa.

Shoe Crazy Wine
Shoe Crazy Wine brings you an amazing and decadent collection. We believe a great wine is like a pair of fabulous shoes, To be enjoyed over and over again!!
We offer a complex Cabernet Sauvignon, smooth Chardonnay, full bodied Red Blend, and a Classic Sauvignon Blanc. You will experience something special with every sip of our wines.

Shoe Crazy Wine, is a direct-to-customer business offering exceptional wines. We source the best grapes from experienced partners and growers.

Our attention to detail ensures quality standards from vine to bottle. Our California varietals are to be savored and enjoyed.


Harlem Brewing Company

The first brews were made in her studio apartment right across from Marcus Garvey Park. She’d finally opened the gift of a home brew kit that sat in the closet for several weeks (that might explain why the first brewed weren’t such a hit). So, she kept on brewing, never giving up on perfecting her recipes.

Harlem Brewing manufactures craft beverages. Its flagship Sugar Hill Golden Ale and Harlem Renaissance Wit both celebrate the rich history of Harlem. The company was founded in 2000 and is based in Harlem, USA.

We are passionate about craft beer and strive to create living beers that are inspired by great people and great communities.

Cajun Fire Brewing Company

Born in Louisiana and raised in New Orleans East, Cajun Fire Brewing Company is deep rooted into the local community. Co-Founders Jon Renthrope and Adam Dawson sought to bring change to the festival capital of the world, New Orleans, LA. with Cajun Fire Brewing Company. Founded on Halloween 2011, Cajun Fire is a craft brewery in planning with plans to open a 20 BBL brewing facility and much more.

We Support Culture Everywhere and Drink Local Anywhere! Cajun Fire brewing looks to add innovation to an untapped market of the Greater New Orleans area by having unique takes on traditional styles of beer and adding much needed diversification to the option of craft beers available in the United States.

Cajun Fire isn’t just your ordinary brewery with heritage stemming from African-American, Creole to Houma Indians…Cajun Fire, much like New Orleans, is a true melting pot of culture.

This is Cajun Fire!

18th Street Brewing Company
18th Street Brewery was founded as a home brewery by Drew Fox in 2010. After years of hands on learning and exploration, 18th Street Brewery became official with the release of SINISTER DIPA in 2013. Shortly after the SINISTER release we opened a 3,200sq.ft. brewpub in an old dry cleaners in Gary, IN. Quickly outgrowing that space we purchased a 32,000s q.ft. warehouse in Hammond, IN. Our Hammond location now houses our production, packaging, barrel program, a taproom and a full service kitchen. Our original Gary, IN now houses a small 10 barrel open fermentation system, as well as a taproom, craft cocktail bar and kitchen.

We are currently the second largest brewery in Northwest Indiana. Our beers range from saisons to double india pale ales to double milk stouts to pilsners and lagers. 18th Street is comprised of hard working, motivated individuals who strive to be the best. We love our jobs. We love our beer. We live and love what we do.


Still Moon Moonshine

Moonshine has been secretly distilled in the quiet hollows of the Appalachian Mountains since the 1800s and transported under the still light of the moon. Down South Beverage Company harnessed the authenticity of our Great Granddaddy’s moonshine recipes from the tobacco roads of the Carolinas and gave it a sophisticated flair.

Now, we introduce STILL MOON. Sip STILL MOON for a clean, crisp flavor and a warm, smooth mouth feel. Great granddaddy would be proud that his backwoods moon has emerged into a sophisticated shine!

A taste like this just can’t be legal, but it is. Drink responsibly, but shoot for the moon. STILL MOON

Fou Dre Vodka

FOU-DRÈ is not just flavored vodka, but vodka with FLAVOR! This ultra-premium infused boutique vodka denotes exclusivity. It is the vodka brand for the bold individual with a penchant for life, the socialite with the discerning palate, and the avant-garde mind of the fashion forward elite, ever pushing the envelope! FOU-DRÈ, French for lightning, unleashes a foray of flavor penetrating your taste buds with an infusion of 100% fruit flavors, an exotic dance of pomegranate and ginger notes!

Produced in N. Charleston, South Carolina; The TerrePURE® process is a patented, revolutionary technology that “naturally” produces a smooth, clean taste and a flavorful, ultra-premium spirit. The all-natural process removes harsh tasting Congeners leaving a smooth, crisp, clean, finish to the spirit. This distinctive vodka can be enjoyed neat over ice or mixed as vodka was originally intended.

Noir King Cognac

Noir King Cognac is the first Cognac ever created in celebration of the royal lineage of the African American male. Noir King Cognac is the Cognac of Kings. Handcrafted from the finest eau de vie in Cognac, France by third generation Master Blender Philippe Braastad-Tiffon with tasting notes of vanilla, orange, and spice. Noir King Cognac tastes smooth and luxurious. DESIGNED IN THE TRADITION OF the Harlem Renaissance, Noir King Cognac is inspiring a new Renaissance with every bottle. A ROYAL RENAISSANCE. It speaks to the heart of your right to be treated like a king, and to drink like one.

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