National Pizza Day

So we record or Fridays and what a lovely coincidence that today is National Pizza Day 🍕🍷!!! After the government decided to play bald headed games AGAIN and shutdown last night only to reopen mid morning, I, DeeAsia Ali decided that I wasn’t with the shits.

Today turned out to be a perfect day, however. One of those days when I’m like, “Being me is fucking awesome!” I lounged around and drank coffee while listening to episode 13 of Bad and Boozy Podcast, showered and headed out to secure pizza and rosé wine prior to recording episode 14 (drops Valentine’s Day).

Someone asked me today, if I knew while recording if the episode was bad. I replied, “Nigga! They’re all good.”

It’s only been a couple months, but the plus side to doing something I enjoy with a friend I love is even if I’m having a bad day/week, I always hang up from that Skype call with SoSo with a smile. I feel fulfilled. And that my dear is why I do this shit! I get to shoot the shit with my friend over a shared interest and learn along the way.

I’m thrilled that people are actually listening and give a damn about what I gotta say. Not that I’d stop talking tho. 🤔

Anyway, shout out to more wine, conversation, food holidays and likka shenanigans!!!


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