The Baddest, Booziest Baby 👶🏼

This week has been one for the record books. The Bad and Boozy Podcast made its debut on The CSPN (Cold Slither Podcast Network’), a collective of different podcasts under one feed with the goal of providing entertainment, information, interviews and variety to listeners worldwide. The immediate feedback from listeners has been overwhelmingly exciting. The interaction online with people has been nothing short of amazing.

As if this wasn’t enough to give me all the feelings, I also welcomed my first niece into the world. I’d been anticipating her arrival with an “Auntie’s Sippy Cup” t-shirt from our store on hand. I have had dreams of playing bartender with a niece and/or nephew prior to the arrival of my nephew Kobe. Now I have a niece added to the mix. The cocktail parties gone be lit. There’s something extra special about being able to help raise and influence a little girl. I mean, I was once one. Anyway, upon getting news that she was on herway into the world I was headed to the hospital dressed in my t-shirt for the first time with my sippy cup and personal box of wine 🍷ready. After stalling all day, baby decided to come once her auntie was present. (I’ll never let her forget that.) I was able to hold her, Ariyah, and have my celebratory glass of wine. What an amazing fucking feeling!!! I anticipate many more moments like this in the coming months/years, us both with our sippy cups in hand. I love this lil lady so much already.

~DeeAsia Ali


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